Corporate social responsibility policies and objectives

The company and its management to realize and abide by the state labor laws, compliance with internationally recognized labor standards, abide by SA8000 international standard and protecting labor rights are consumers, customers, the public and the government and other stakeholders expectations, basic tube is a responsible company target. The company promised to abide by the national labor law, to comply with internationally recognized labor standards, comply with the SA8000 international standard, to comply with other applicable industry standards and international conventions, continue to improve working conditions and employee benefits. And quality management and environmental management, an organic part of social responsibility management is also the company daily operation, fulfill their social responsibility is to provide good products to meet the necessary conditions for a customer needs. The company appointed the person responsible for the management of social responsibility, establish, implement and maintain social responsibility management system is good, and the requirement extends to suppliers and other business partners.

The company said in a statement:


1. Comply with the laws and regulations to comply with labor law and other related laws and regulations of government, legitimate business, safeguard the rights and interests of employees.

2. Respect for human rights and freedom, the prohibition of discrimination, prohibition of forced labour to provide safe and sanitary working and living conditions, protect employee safety and health. Equal and fair environment, commitment to recruit and appointing measures from harassment or unlawful discrimination. Employees have equal opportunity, regardless of race, class, gender, age, marriage, and 2 obstacles, nationality, religious beliefs and political tendency. Arrange the production plan, reasonable arrangement of workers working hours and rest need. Prohibiting the use of child labor, forced labor or physical punishment, not to accept any child labor or forced labor suppliers or subcontractors. The prohibition of insult any form of behavior.

3. The establishment of a harmonious communication mechanism to promote the labor management cooperation, respect for employees freedom of association and collective bargaining rights. Encourage open communication and direct dialogue between employees and management. The establishment of employee opinions reflect pipeline. The opinions of employees, we will provide privacy protection and the prohibition of any form of retaliation and abuse.

4. A sound and rational salary and welfare salary welfare provision, at least meet the basic needs of the workers. Employee salary and welfare shall comply with all relevant laws applicable, contain the minimum wage, overtime pay and statutory welfare should be. The establishment of real-time pipeline, will convey the messages of the payment of wages to employees. Any disciplinary deduction of wages is not allowed.

5. The reasonable rewards and punishment system, commitment to quality of the staff, give appropriate incentives, for performance. Commitment to the poor performance of the staff, give appropriate assistance, improve performance, and give the appropriate punishment, to correct deficiencies.

6. Training quality staff to provide appropriate education training, efforts to improve the technology and ability of employees, to improve social and economic status of employees.

7. Emphasis on integrity management, put an end to corruption and bribery in business behavior any uphold fair and honest attitude. Prohibit any form of corruption, bribery, bribery and embezzlement of behavior.

8. Respect the intellectual property rights, respect for intellectual property rights; transfer of technology and expertise, should be protected in the intellectual property rights, in an appropriate manner.

9. Operating results share operating results for the joint efforts of all staff to reach, our commitment and employee, shareholder share.

10. Build a harmonious factory and, to participate in social care, promoting the cultural level to create a warm "home of staff", actively participate in the government and local activities, to enhance economic and cultural level by place of our. Promised to give people with disabilities the appropriate job opportunity and the necessary care for vulnerable groups, timely helping hand and give a substantial reward. Encourage employees to participate in volunteer service activities.

11. The promotion of social responsibility commitment to corporate social responsibility policy extended to all suppliers or subcontractors, encourage our business partners to implement and improve the policy of social responsibility of enterprises.